Skilled Nursing Explained

Michael Gill explains what distinguishes Skilled Nursing from Assisted Living and other segments of the Senior Living industry. This is an essential and informative discussion for people trying to figure out where to place their loved ones when they can no longer live at home.

What Can a Senior Living Locator Do For You?

Learn the process by which Texas Senior Living Locators helps you and your family find the best placement in Senior Living, and why this process is so preferable to on-line searches and other methods. And remember, this is a FREE consulting service for the family.

Senior Housing During COVID 19

Michael Gill, President of Texas Senior Living Locators, discusses COVID-19 has affected the long-term care industry, and how caregivers should currently navigate senior living and nursing communities, during the 2020 Williamson County Caregiver Conference, along with a facilitated Q&A after the presentation, and presented by AGE of Central Texas.