Independent Living Communities

Independent Living communities (also called Independent Retirement facilities) are typically apartment buildings surrounding a centralized dining room with a meal plan. They have activity directors and provide transportation services for doctor visits and grocery shopping.

Independent Living facilities do not have dedicated caregiving services, though most have an outside agency to serve its residents. There are limitations on the availability of services, and coordination between the agency and living facility may be more difficult. For this reason, residents tend to be more independent and require fewer onsite caregiving services.

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Assisted Living Communities

Assisted Living communities offer apartment-style living with a central dining room and meal plan as well, but they also provide caregivers to assist with Activities of Daily Living or “ADLs” (things like dressing, bathing, toileting, and medication management).

These communities serve residents who need a significant amount of care due to mobility issues and cognitive decline. Each facility has a nurse on site for 40 hours a week, as well as a dedicated activities director.

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Memory Care Facilities

Memory Care is a type of Assisted Living that specializes in caring for people with dementia. There are both stand-alone facilities and ones that exist inside an Assisted Living community.

Like Assisted Living they provide caregivers to assist with ADLs, but they are tailored to the needs of a person with dementia. They have twice as many caregivers as Assisted Living, specialized dementia training, and activities tailored toward people with their cognitive abilities. The quality of their caregiving is the highest in the Senior Living industry.

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Personal Care Homes

Also called Residential Care Homes, Personal Care Homes provide Assisted Living services in a single-family house rather than a large facility. These homes are found in neighborhoods and have been renovated to meet the needs of elderly residents and provide ADL care.

Because Personal Care Homes only accommodate 4 to 16 residents, they are able to provide highly attentive personal care. That makes this option ideal for high fall-risk seniors and dementia patients.

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